Day 45 – from Bagnoli della Rosandra to Muggia

So this is it. This is finally the last day of us hiking the Alpe Adria Trail. It’s the first long distance hike we’ve done. We’ve been on hiking holidays very often but always with one fine hotel as “base camp” and then doing some daily hikes. I’ve never thought that we won’t make it, I just took one day at a time. And so, after 44 days we now were right before finishing our first thru-hike.  Continue reading “Day 45 – from Bagnoli della Rosandra to Muggia”

Day 42 – from Duino to Prosecco

The night in the Villa Rilke was way too hot and the air condition (or whatever they called air condition) wasn’t helping at all so we didn’t sleep well. Since breakfast was only at 8 a.m. and we woke much earlier due to the noise from the highway not very far away we had too much time to kill. 😒  Continue reading “Day 42 – from Duino to Prosecco”

Day 41 – from Gradisca d’Isonzo to Duino

Today we’d be having the longest of all stages on the AAT – this in the hottest day we’ve had so far in this altitude. It’s one thing when you hike at 1500m or higher with 35°C somewhere down below, but then it’s totally different when you’re at sea level in the South. So we had quite some respect of this day…  Continue reading “Day 41 – from Gradisca d’Isonzo to Duino”

Day 40 – from Cormòns to Gradisca d’Isonzo

Today it’s been now exactly 40 days since we’re on our trip. That’s more than a month. 😵 I can’t really believe that we’ve been hiking so long and not even for the split of a second I’ve missed home. Not when I couldn’t feel my feet anymore, not when I sweated so much that it trickled into my eyes or not even when we went a wrong way and had to deal with it. For every pain, every drop of sweat and every hardship we were rewarded a million times with awesome views, fresh air, unique experiences, great talks and nice people.  And good food of course. 😉  Continue reading “Day 40 – from Cormòns to Gradisca d’Isonzo”